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Health Benefits of Matcha Tea

Though people drank green tea in China over a thousand years ago, it became a significant part of the Japanese culture. And they called the drink matcha. Zen Buddhist monks took it to remain calm and alert on long hours of meditation. Growing in the shade, these Japanese tea leaves have particularly high chlorophyll content.

The history and cultivation of the tea is interesting, but what consumers are more concerned about are its health benefits, the biggest of which include:

Cancer Prevention

Green tea is full of powerful catechins, which are antioxidants that seek out for harmful free radicals in the body. Epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG), a very potent anti-carcinogen, is the most effective catechin contained in green tea.


Okinawa, Japan is one of those parts of the world where people live the longest. To a certain degree, the longevity of Okinawans has been partially attributed to routine consumption of matcha green tea.

In fact, matcha green tea is the most popular green tea in all of Japan, although it is rapidly becoming more popular across the world due to its anti-inflammatory, ant-oxidizing and anti-aging properties.

LDL “Bad” Cholesterol Control

Based on a study featured in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition in 2011, green tea beverages or extracts dramatically lessen total serum cholesterol and LDL cholesterol concentrations.

Weight Management

A study featured in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition in 1999 highlights green tea’s ability to a increase thermogenesis – your body’s daily calorie-burning rate -by 8% to 35%. Yet another study proved that exercising right after drinking matcha green tea can lead to 25% more fat loss during exercise.


Since matcha is grown in the shade, it has significantly higher amounts of chlorophyll than any other green tea. Chlorophyll, responsible for the green color in leaves, has detoxifying properties.

Cognitive Boost

In comparison to conventional green tea, matcha green tea has up to 5 times more L-theanine. L-theanine, an amino acid, has the ability to induce alpha wave activity in the brain. Stress is known to trigger beta wave activity in the brain, causing more agitation. Alpha wave activity fights such effect. Matcha does have some caffeine, but its “jittery” effects are easily neutralized by relaxing L-theanine.

Energy Boost

Have a cup of matcha green tea to get that afternoon lift or each time you need a bit more alertness and concentration. Matcha green tea is the best substitute for coffee as it offers an energy boost without those coffee crash-related headaches.


Finally, matcha green tea leaves are known to have vast amounts of easily-absorbable dietary fiber. Dietary fiber offers plenty of benefits, the most popular of which are blood sugar management and constipation relief.

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The 8 Benefits of Matcha Tea You Need to Know The next time you go grocery shopping, make sure to visit the supplements section for a pack of matcha tea. With centuries of use to back up claims of its potency, you should also try it out because it offers the 8 advantages highlighted next. The harmful UV radiation effects can easily get countered by the frequent intake of matcha tea. You will, as a result, have beautiful and young-looking skin, and ward off a number of ailments that are life-threatening such as cancer. Antioxidants are helpful in boosting the functioning of the immune system. It is easy to achieve your weight loss aspirations because matcha tea burns calories and heightens metabolism rates considerably. Unlike the chemical-filled pharmaceuticals that people use to achieve the same effects, you will not end up with heightened blood pressure or rapid heart rates when you consume the tea.
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It contains the same caffeine levels as that of your regular coffee, but does not result in a buzz. There is, instead, an “alert calm” feeling that accompanies the intake of matcha tea, which results from a naturally occurring substance known as L-theanine. That sensation makes you relax but without drowsiness.
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For persons with diabetes type-2, the healthy metabolism levels that result from the intake of matcha tea proves to be immensely beneficial. The tea reduces the levels of triglycerides, hepatic glucose, and total cholesterol. Matcha tea also prevents the buildup of glycation end products, which results in optimal hepatic and kidney function. The L-theanine content in the tea promotes the production of serotonin and dopamine. You will, as a result, experience enhanced concentration, better moods, and heightened memory. For these reasons, matcha tea has, for centuries, been consumed by some cultures before meditation. It is possible to carry out internal body cleansing with the regular consumption of matcha tea. The chlorophyll content in the tea is potent detoxifier and cleanser of your blood. Besides, it also flushes out dangerous toxins such as heavy metals from your colon walls. Before battle or training, warriors of select cultures consumed matcha tea because it gave them immense endurance and strength to carry out the involving activities that lay ahead. Besides caffeine, there is a host of numerous other agents that cause such effects. Match tea has a pleasant flavor, which is helpful for individuals who shun natural products for their taste. You can even incorporate matcha into your recipe to create savory or sweet meals. Today, you can get match recipes that include stir fries, soups, brownies, guacamoles, muffins, and puddings with just a little internet research.

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Health Advantages Of Exercise Bikes A practice bike is a contraption that grabs a chair and pedals and routinely takes after a bicycle that is used for practice as opposed to the standard bicycle which is every now and again used for transportation. Hone bikes are all around used for physical well-being and besides used by individuals who are prepare for a cycling event since it takes after a bicycle anyway it is stationary in that it doesn’t move. Rehearse bikes have expanded more commonness during the time as individuals get a kick out of the chance to buy this buys and use them at home instead of taking off to the rec focus this is by virtue of the bike is in like manner considered to have a few restorative favorable circumstances to individuals. Practice bicycles are known to give cardiovascular advantages to an individual this is on account of it brings down the pulse and glucose in people and in the meantime helps in averting heart assaults this is on the grounds that when an individual activities the muscles of their heart have a tendency to get more grounded along these lines anticipating heart related sicknesses. It is likewise considered as joint amicable this is on the grounds that not at all like different sorts of activities, for example, heart stimulating exercise which have more effect on the muscles and joints of an individual, the practice bicycle has a tendency to have less effect on the muscles and joints thus bringing down the danger of a harm. It also partners in seething calories and this tends to be outstandingly profitable especially for individuals who may wish to lose a couple of calories from now on the more an individual exercises the more calories they blast in this way propelling weight decrease in individuals.
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Bike exercise also helps in improving joint mobility this is because when one cycles, the knees the ankles and the hip joint too are forced to move and this in turn helps making the joints of the body more stronger. It is likewise considered as an easy to use approach to work out this is on account of the greater part of the practice schedules honed at the rec center have a tendency to require more utilization of vitality instead of the practice bicycle requires insignificant utilization of vitality and in the meantime any individual can have the capacity to hone on it since it has levels where an individual can begin with and have the capacity to pick up as time passes by.
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It is moreover considered as an invaluable way to deal with work out since it doesn’t oblige one to visit the rec focus as they can have the bike presented in their home and meanwhile they can have the ability to hone on the bike while gazing at the TV or scrutinizing and one can have the ability to hone at their own supportive time.

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Healthy Benefits of Mushrooms Human beings cannot survive without taking food. Food is an edible substance that has healthy benefits to the body. There are many kinds of food. The major categories of foods are grains, vegetables, fruits, meat, and root tubers. Cabbages and tomatoes are types of vegetables. Examples of grains are maize and sorghum. Pineapples and fruits are types of fruits. Each and every category of food has its nutritional value. Grains mostly provide carbohydrates. Expect fruits to contain vitamins and minerals. Vegetables provide vitamins. Expect root tubers to give carbohydrates and acids. All these nutrients provided by different foods have their health benefits. Carbohydrates provide energy in the body. ATP is a form of energy that is used in the body. Vitamins provide immunity to the body. Expect growth and development in the body to come as a result of consumption of proteins. Remarkable achievements have been in the agricultural sector as a result of technology. Quality and quantity food products have been produced in the agricultural sector as a result of technology. The production of quality and quantity food products in the agricultural sector has catered the demand of consumers. Technology has made it possible to know different kinds of edible plants. For instance, we have a mushroom plant as a type of edible plant. The benefits of mushroom plant to the body have currently been known by human beings. Lots of nutrients have been discovered in mushroom plant by research. Zinc, fiber, iron, proteins, vitamins, and essential amino acids are the types of nutrients found in mushroom plant. Expect such nutrients to be beneficial to the body. There are many kinds of nutrients. The nutritional value of such nutrients is different from the other. Cordyceps, reishi, and shiitake are examples of types of mushrooms. Reishi mushroom has been known to has its importance to the body. It has been known to improve the functionality of body organs. It does so by boosting their elements. It is possible to lower your blood pressure by the consumption of reishi mushroom. It is usually low in calorie. It is obvious for the level of blood to rise after the consumption of a high amount of fat. Detoxification mechanisms provided by nutrients found in reishi mushroom have enhanced protection of the liver.
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Antioxidant properties have been known to be provided by nutrients in shiitake mushroom. Examples of such antioxidant compounds are vitamin A, C, D, E, and selenium. Shiitake mushroom has been known to have anticancer properties. Lentinan in shiitake mushroom has been known to prevent liver, lung, stomach, and bowel cancer. It has been known for lentinan in shiitake mushroom to boost the production of white blood cells in the body.
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Expect the immunity of the body to be improved by use of cordyceps mushroom.

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Medicinal Mushrooms can Do Wonders There is no denying of the fact that majority of people have been able to cook the culinary mushrooms that are quite common. Some of these common culinary mushrooms are the white button and the portabella. When it comes to mushrooms you should be aware of the fact that you will be able to encounter a different class called as the medicinal mushrooms. There are a lot of things that you need to know about the medicinal mushrooms and one of which is that they are not to be used for flavor enhancement. There are others though that can be used in certain recipes. Most of the time you will see them in the form of capsules, tea, extracts and tinctures. The coriolus mushroom, reishi mushroom, shitake, agaricus mushroom or agaricus blazei mushroom and maitake are some medicinal mushrooms. These are the most popular but you will be able to encounter so much more medicinal mushrooms.
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Another basic fact that you need to know about medicinal mushrooms is that they have similarities with the human beings. The similarities that these two are able to share are in terms of their genetic and chemical structure. It is the mushrooms that are genetically closer to the human beings which is what a lot of scientists have been able to find out.
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There is a positive impact and health the spirit, body, mind and emotions is what the medicinal mushrooms are capable of doing. The reishi mushroom is actually the most popular of the medicinal mushrooms. One thing that you need to know about this mushroom is that they are known as the mushroom of immorality. This mushroom is used for extending a person’s life and can be taken each day as a tonic “herb”. Most of the time, people from the east make use of the reishi mushroom. What you need to know about this type of mushroom is that the main reason why people intake this is due to the purpose for the immune system. The reishi mushroom is as a matter of fact also able to offer other kinds of benefits. To help people meditate, reduce inflammation, calm and relax the spirit and heal viral issues in the body are some of the benefits. Another popular medicinal mushroom is the maitake mushroom. This is the kind of mushroom that can be used medicinally and in the field of culinary. Another popular use for this kind of mushroom is to be able to prevent cancer. The maitake mushroom is also capable of controlling high cholesterol and diabetes. The maitake mushroom is able to get rid of immune system problems. This is possible since it increases the activity of the natural killer cells.