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The 8 Benefits of Matcha Tea You Need to Know The next time you go grocery shopping, make sure to visit the supplements section for a pack of matcha tea. With centuries of use to back up claims of its potency, you should also try it out because it offers the 8 advantages highlighted next. The harmful UV radiation effects can easily get countered by the frequent intake of matcha tea. You will, as a result, have beautiful and young-looking skin, and ward off a number of ailments that are life-threatening such as cancer. Antioxidants are helpful in boosting the functioning of the immune system. It is easy to achieve your weight loss aspirations because matcha tea burns calories and heightens metabolism rates considerably. Unlike the chemical-filled pharmaceuticals that people use to achieve the same effects, you will not end up with heightened blood pressure or rapid heart rates when you consume the tea.
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It contains the same caffeine levels as that of your regular coffee, but does not result in a buzz. There is, instead, an “alert calm” feeling that accompanies the intake of matcha tea, which results from a naturally occurring substance known as L-theanine. That sensation makes you relax but without drowsiness.
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For persons with diabetes type-2, the healthy metabolism levels that result from the intake of matcha tea proves to be immensely beneficial. The tea reduces the levels of triglycerides, hepatic glucose, and total cholesterol. Matcha tea also prevents the buildup of glycation end products, which results in optimal hepatic and kidney function. The L-theanine content in the tea promotes the production of serotonin and dopamine. You will, as a result, experience enhanced concentration, better moods, and heightened memory. For these reasons, matcha tea has, for centuries, been consumed by some cultures before meditation. It is possible to carry out internal body cleansing with the regular consumption of matcha tea. The chlorophyll content in the tea is potent detoxifier and cleanser of your blood. Besides, it also flushes out dangerous toxins such as heavy metals from your colon walls. Before battle or training, warriors of select cultures consumed matcha tea because it gave them immense endurance and strength to carry out the involving activities that lay ahead. Besides caffeine, there is a host of numerous other agents that cause such effects. Match tea has a pleasant flavor, which is helpful for individuals who shun natural products for their taste. You can even incorporate matcha into your recipe to create savory or sweet meals. Today, you can get match recipes that include stir fries, soups, brownies, guacamoles, muffins, and puddings with just a little internet research.