I Almost Have Enough Money Now

I was not really doing so well on my plan at first, since there are all of these child labor laws that make it hard for a 15 year old boy to earn money. My big break came when this friend of mine told me about a Sacramento chiropractor who was looking for someone to help with something. It turned out that his wife needed the help. The two of them owned a number of rental properties and she was in charge of managing them. Obviously that means that you have all sorts of little jobs and all sorts of big jobs, many of which require a person who knows what they are doing and that really is not me. I was content to mow the yards and do the string trimming. After that I got to do some painting, but she wanted me to show her that I could manage the job before she let me really do it.

I have managed to do a lot of work for her and this other family that she introduced me to. Obviously you need a good bit of money if you want to get a car and I am thinking that perhaps I could get a pick up truck. She taught me how to drive their truck and I really liked it. They have a small pick up that must be about fifteen years old and it looks all beat up. Obviously the big thing is that if you are trying to make money a pick up truck can be a big help and I could make more money for her if I had a truck and a driver’s license. First I need the money to buy the truck and I think that by the end of the summer I shall have enough, although not for the truck of your dreams.